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Mark E. Ritchie, Ph.D.

President & Founder


Mark is an entrepreneur and Professor of Biology at Syracuse University in New York, USA, where he teaches environmental science. He has studied the effects of grazing animals on rangelands in North America and Africa over the past 30 years. He is the author of a book, “Scale, Heterogeneity, and the Structure and Diversity of Ecological Communities” (Princeton University Press), and author or co-author of over 90 scientific journal publications. His expertise is on soils, plants, and grazing in grassland and savanna ecosystems. In addition, he has consulted with several large private ranches in the United States on livestock grazing management and wildlife conservation. Mark has also worked collaboratively with teams of sociologists, economists, and biologists in studying and informing the management of protected areas and conservancies in the United States, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia.

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Dr. Mark Ritchie, President markritchie@soilsfuture.com




+1-315-443-2012 and note "ATTN: Mark Ritchie"


Mark Ritchie, Soils for the Future, 6125 Ketch Drive, Cicero NY 13039 USA

Emilian Mayemba

Director of Project Development, Tanzania

Emilian is in charge of field operations in Tanzania. He is a top-flight, experienced naturalist in Serengeti National Park with a specialty in grasses, soils and grazing animals. He has also trained crews in Kenya and Zambia.

Jackson Kikardi Surianka

Director of Project Development, Kenya

Jackson is in charge of field operations in Kenya. He has ten years of experience with field operations including animal biodiversity, vegetation, and soil measurements.